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Bringing Stories to Life

Explore Our Range of Dynamic Services for Unforgettable Visuals, Engaging Soundscapes, and Cherished Vintage Restoration

Event Support

End-to-end event support for seamless experiences. From planning to execution, we ensure every detail aligns with your vision.

Video Production

Crafting compelling narratives through expert video production. Transforming ideas into captivating stories with precision, creativity, and visual finesse.


Capturing moments and preserving memories. Professional photography services that frame your world with creativity, precision, and timeless artistry.


Animating visions into reality. Our skilled team crafts dynamic, visually stunning animations that bring ideas to life with precision.

Vintage Restoration

Reviving vintage charm. Expert restoration services breathe new life into cherished pieces, preserving history with meticulous craftsmanship and care.

Sound Services

Elevate experiences with expert sound solutions. From crisp audio production to immersive soundscapes, we transform moments into memories.

Vox Mundi Choir

Harmony in diversity, an all-women’s choir. Elevating voices, creating musical magic, and celebrating unity through enchanting melodies together.

Sale/Equipment Hire

Unlock creativity with our versatile kit hire. From cameras to lighting, our equipment ensures your project shines with excellence.

Medical Education

Essential to modern education, medical videos bridge knowledge gaps, enhance understanding, and empower healthcare professionals for improved practices.

Unlock unforgettable narratives with our services. From captivating video production to immersive sound design and nostalgic vintage restoration, we elevate stories, ensuring lasting impact and timeless resonance.

Over 15 years of experience in Video production & film restoration.


Event Support

Event support is crucial for ensuring smooth operations and enhancing overall experiences. It guarantees seamless execution, manages unforeseen challenges, and fosters stress-free environments for both hosts and attendees, leaving a positive impression that lasts beyond the event.


Video Production

Video production is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals to connect with their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive engagement. It allows for dynamic and immersive storytelling that can leave a lasting impression, foster deeper connections, and achieve desired objectives in today’s digital world, where visual content is king.

A person cover up while using a smoke grande, while a person on the ground is enveloped in smoke from above.
A picturesque mountain road, curving gracefully amidst the majestic peaks, inviting exploration and adventure.



Photography is a powerful tool for capturing moments and preserving memories. It serves as a universal language that bridges cultures and fosters understanding. Its impact on our perceptions and the collective human experience is profound, shaping memories and documenting history in unforgettable ways.



Animation is a dynamic and versatile tool for storytelling that transcends language barriers and engagingly conveys complex concepts. It has the ability to captivate audiences of all ages, making information more accessible and entertaining. Its visually compelling dimension fosters better comprehension and leaves a lasting impact, making it a valuable asset in marketing and education.

An animated Character gracefully flies, swirling with vibrant colours, before jumping in a mug coffee cup on a desk.
Retro packaging design featuring bold colors and classic typography for a nostalgic feel.


Vintage Restoration

Reviving old photographs, films, and audio recordings is crucial for preserving our cultural heritage and safeguarding precious memories. Vintage media restoration enhances accessibility and ensures that future generations can appreciate and connect with the rich tapestry of the past in its authentic form. It is our responsibility to protect our past for the future.


Sound Services

Sound services are paramount for a complete audio-visual experience. Whether in film, music, or events, quality sound enhances emotional resonance, immersing audiences in the narrative. Clear, well-balanced audio is essential for effective communication, ensuring every note, dialogue, or sound effect contributes to a compelling, memorable experience.

"A skull is on fire and is engulfed in flames!"
Vibrant backdrop featuring Mental Health TV logo


Medical Education

Continuous medical education programs provide access to the latest research and techniques, helping healthcare professionals enhance patient care. These programs fill gaps in medical education, keeping providers current and promoting ongoing learning. Ultimately, they improve global public health by equipping medical professionals with the tools and knowledge for the best care.


Equipment Hire & Sales

Equipment hire and sales are crucial for businesses, offering cost-effective solutions and flexibility. Whether for events, construction, or production, it grants access to specialized tools without significant upfront costs. This accessibility fosters efficiency, promotes innovation, and allows industries to adapt swiftly to evolving needs, enhancing overall productivity and success.

Video camera set up in theater, ready to capture the performance. Equipment at a show.

Womens International choir

Vox Mundi

Join us on a harmonious journey, where we collaborate with esteemed local choirs, such as Vox Mundi and Download Choral. Together, we craft captivating musical experiences fueled by dedication to excellence and a profound passion for the art of choral performance. Elevate the auditory landscape with us – join in the pursuit of musical excellence.

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A cosy living room with sofas arranged around a fireplace, accompanied by a rug which adds to the warm and inviting atmosphere.
Collection of black and white film strips on a white background. Film Tape.
A contemporary home featuring a deck and balcony, offering a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces.