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We often have equipment for sale. It is very easy to be caught out with items on E-Bay and the like, especially with complex kits such as VTRS which are a challenge to maintain, now they are getting older. It is remarkable that they work so well and are as reliable as they are. Anything you buy from us will be in decent working condition before leaving our premises. With a thorough Service and check on all items. 

We also offer sale and buy-back service for Digi-Beta machines. 

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The Machines we sell are in perfect working order. We like to show you them in action before you take them away. That way, you, too, can be confident it is working. Component failure does occur and cannot be predicted. As a result, we offer a one-month guarantee on all products and machines. We will repair, replace or refund within one month of purchase, guaranteed.

(Insert a video on tape, like the green screen.) 

An increasing problem is the quality of the tape you put in the machine. We cannot cover damage caused by poor-quality tape, often with mould, sticky tape syndrome, creased tape, or even tape combined with sellotape. A chewed-up tap can wreak the tape heads. The DVW 500 range of digibeta machines is the most robust and the tape path is reasonably accessible. The J series is not so good for Tapes in unknown conditions. 

Within Seconds, poor-quality tape can cause Head clogging. This can be cleaned away using A Head Solvent or Something Stronger, Such as a Disc Brake cleaner. Spray the heads and carefully wipe them horizontally, not vertically, which is the opposite of cleaning your teeth. You are Going to Have to Learn How to do this.

We also offer sale and buy-back service for Digi-Beta machines. 

We usually have several and they will have been serviced, probably with new pinch rollers and similar items. In fact most of the price represents the servicing costs. Guaranteed one month, though not for damage caused by  head clogging. The operating and head hours are likely to be high – and indeed the figures are likely to be unreliable anyway. So condition is everything. If you buy one from us it will work as it should. That is a good offer!

We will be happy to send you screen shots but it is best to see the actual machine yourself.

The A500 model plays back Betacam SP in addition to digibeta so is a useful machine for playback and archiving SD recordings on digibeta tape. The machines are quite a handy way of getting an SDI feed from all sorts of analogue tapes.

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