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One Inch VCR

One-inch VTR, a professional-grade video tape format in the ’70s, revolutionized broadcasting, offering high-quality recordings pivotal in early television production.

Sony BVH-3100PS

This machine gets its own page on our web-site – it is good to highlight because they are now hard to find. 

Our one-inch recorder is about 30 years old. We keep it running in A1 condition.

We use it mainly to make digital copies, either onto tape or capture as a digital file. It is increasingly difficult to find one in reliable working order, that is one reason why ours’ is so popular.

A VCR, or videocassette recorder, is a device used to play and record videos on videocassettes.
The main-stay of broadcasters in the 1970’s to 1980’s.
VCR tracks: A close-up image of a VCR tape with multiple tracks visible. Each track contains audio or video data.
It was normal to use two tracks for stereo. A third track is used for time code. Sometimes the 4th track was used for alternative audio.
A close-up of a VCR machine with a cord attached.
These machines weigh 67 kg. They work a bit like a tape recorder.
A close-up of a one-inch recording machine with numerous controls.
You might think it looks a little primitive, but they produce a good quality picture and were generally reliable.

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