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Equipment Hire

Transform your projects with our premium equipment rental service. We offer top-of-the-line tools and flexible terms that cater to your needs. Our mission is to ensure your success, and we guarantee a hassle-free rental experience.

In General, for Machine Hire, please be aware:

Prices are per Day, Week X 3 Day Rate.

Head clogging from damaged and dirty tape is common. Our machines are well maintained, But tape damage is possible, And all use is at client risk. We also reserve the right to charge engineering time to clean and repair any machine damaged by client use.

If you think your tape is in poor physical condition, please speak to us first.

We also offer sale and buy-back service for Digi-Beta machines. 






pre-Used Equiptment


Elevate your video production game with our cutting-edge equipment sales. From high-resolution cameras to professional lighting setups, we offer a comprehensive range of tools to enhance your filming capabilities. Invest in quality gear for unmatched results, ensuring your productions stand out with exceptional visual and audio quality.

We also offer sale and buy-back service for Digi-Beta machines. 

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A sound mixer with various knobs and buttons, used to adjust audio levels in a recording studio.
Collection of black and white film strips on a white background. Film Tape.
A close-up of a one-inch recording machine with numerous controls.
A VCR, or videocassette recorder, is a device used to play and record videos on videocassettes.